Q)What are Tiers?
A)These are basically the levels which a user can reach on the basis of likes on his uploaded notes.
Q)How many Tiers are there?
A)There are three of them.


Q)On what basis are tier standings decided?
A)Top 3 will be in the legendary order and the rest 97 will take place in royalty and master tier.
Q)After how much time are standings updated
A)Every month
Q)How can i see my uploaded notes time to time?
A)Follow the link "My Uploads" in community post dropdown and enter your proper username in the search box to see all your notes.
Q)How to upload or download notes?
A)Link to upload and download pages are on the home page navbar.
Q)What amount of money rewards will be given and to whom?
A)Money rewards will be given to the top 3 . Though the amount can vary every month.
Q)How will the site give that reward?
A)We will notify the top 3 winnners through email about their rewards and it is in there hands to choose through which medium they want to claim the money reward.
Q)Is there any time limit to redeem the offer?
A)If the user does not claim the reward under one week the offer will be declared expired.